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Leadership & Performance

Leadership & Performance is a business simulation for the intervention of holistic entrepreneurial solutions when handling complex structures.

Unbenannt-2In this board game the company AOP LLC. which produces and sells aircrafts is simulated. Every participant receives a new identity: general manager, production manager, foreman of materials management, manager of quality, manager of controlling etc. Every role entails concrete functions. Approximately 16 participants can participate in this simulation.

In two game-periods, each with an operative and a strategic phase, strategies and measure are developed and discussed to achieve company targets. This requires an analysis of the strength and weaknesses of the organisation including top-management and executive behavioural patterns.

After an orientation phase into the business simulation, changes set in:

  • Financial pressures increase
  • Problems with suppliers occur
  • Time constraints
  • Customers demand new products
  • Prices need to be redefined

During the simulation participants are exposed to the difficulties in leading a complex company. Besides the optimisation of the company’s organizational structure and its process organisation, the focus is on management themes which play a central role which are reflected on later on in the simulation.

Target groups:

  • All decision makers in the company
  • Executives
  • Junior executives
  • Students


2-3 Days

Number of participants:

12 – 16

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