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Hospital Akut

A crash course in health care management Hospital-Akut---Spielboard-E

The business simulation Hospital is a crash course within a hospital. The simulation illustrates administrative processes in a hospital to the participants in a hands-on descriptive way. The focus is on the most important economic parameters in hospital management i.e. occupacy-rates, average stay duration. They serve as an element of a willingness to change, to understand the increasing costs involved and performance requirements.

Budgets are determined at the beginning of the year. The hospital is comprised of many other departments apart from those assigned to directly handling patients.

Approximately 70% of the costs incurred in a hospital are personnel related and 30% are material costs. The participants’ main task during the business simulation consists of utilising the resources in the way that as the game progresses, a cost reduction as well as a structured approach in dealing with processes is attained.

These developments are illustrated to the participants by means of appropriate economical key figures like efficiency, retention time and number of cases.


  • Get to know the cost structure of a hospital
  • Advancement of communication between the administration and medical personnel
  • Find out the key points relating to necessary improvements

Target groups:

  • Executives from the medical, nursing and administration areas
  • Employees from all areas in hospitals, where changes are due


4 hours to 1 day

Number of Participants:

Maximum 24

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