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Whoever worked on a project before knows the struggle: Suddenly everything is different!

Higher costs , too little time and scarce resources challenge the project team . Projects often fail due to a lack of qualification and experience of the responsible managers and employees. Successful project management is based on the skills of ethe project team. With our project management simulations , you can learn skills and experience in handling projects. With fun and risk free!

Our Business Games for Projectmanagement and Teambuilding

Wasser-Marsch-Spielbrett-Planspiel-Projektmanagement Projects have their own rules: In projects, the success of a single person depends on the success of the others. This simulation was especially  developed to train groups in topics relating to project management, customer orientation and teamwork. The simulation Ready, Set, Go! can be  played in 1 up to 2 days.







Mission: Deadline provides the basics of project management and current project management tools in an understandable and entertaining way. In the game, participants apply the acquired theoretical knowledge and put it in concrete decisions.







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