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Business Games for Trainees

Business games and Simulatins are an exciting and interactive way to develope professional and social skills of your trainees – with fun! Our business games and simulations are action-oriented, the interaction with the team members is essential! The participants work and learn together, apply their new knowledge and gain valuable experience for their future careers .

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Our special know-how

Every company is unique and follows its own special rules. We specialized on developing business games that accurately reflect your companies needs and specifics. For more than 100 leading companies BTI prooduced individual business games!

Our simulation games for your topics:

Business Administration and Management

For most industries we have created business games, that impart finance know-how the easy way.


Banking and Finance Know-how in interactive business games

Sorted by Industry

You are looking for business games exactly for your industry?


Learn project management interactive and with fun!

Hospital Adminstration

Basics of Hospital Administration and finance


A good knowledge of customers and business partners is the key to success in business-to-business ( B2B ) .

Service Industry

Business Games and Simulations for the Service Sector

Logistic Industry

Logistic Know-how easy and fun

Hotel Industry

Learn Business Bascis in the hotel industry

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