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Business Administration and Management

Learning entrepreneurial thinking the easy way!

‘How does my company work?’ ‘Where are hidden potentials to improve processes?’ For best financial decisions the persons in charge need a profound knowledge about economical indicators and the financial implications of their decisions. With business games you can show all business processes clearly and combine theroetical knowledge transfer with interactive team building components. 

We support you to give the financial indicators the importance they deserve! For nearly 20 years, we improve hands-on business skills of managers, employees, trainees and students for financial topics.


Business Management Simulations

are easy to prepare and easy to perform
confront the participants with decision-making situations
are based on educational principles
are available in many languages
are held by experienced trainers

Discover Simulations for Business Administration and Management



Factory allows the participants to sit in the management seat. They receive a different perspective on performance related issues. This leads to an immediate understanding and acceptance of basic business practices and concepts.
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Value Manager is a competitive business game where the participants have to lead an international manufacturing company. It combines business administration basics and strategic management knowledge in order to find a successful business strategy. Which team will perform best?
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Global Strategy is a General Management Simulation used to impart economical know-how and entrepreneurial solutions. In small groups the participants compete against each other at the global market. They have to consider many aspects in order to lead their company to success.
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Which Simulation for Business Management fits your needs best?

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