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Business Games and Simulations

Exciting Seminars with Fun & Interactive Business Games

With business simulation games your training participants get well prepared for their job challenges. They gain many practical experiences and learn in a fun and playful way. With haptical board games even complex issues and dependencies are displayed clearly. You can use the simulation game best within business seminars, blended trainings or university courses.

Find the right business simulation for your needs and various topics such as business administration, general management, change management, soft skills and many more. 

Business Games for Companies

our haptical Simulations make Business Management tangible. For managers, young professionals and trainees!

Business Games for Universities

interactive seminars with teamwork and practical knowledge transfer of many topics.

Business Games for Schools

make your economy classes vivid and interactive. Our Simulations are the first step to a successful education.

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Our business simulations…

... are easy to prepare and perform
... confront participants with situations where they have to decide
... are based on didactical principles
... cover various general and industry-specific topics
... are available in many languages

Experience inhouse trainings with experts

Our Seminars are practical, interactive and easy to understand, even when it comes to topics that are more complex. All BTI coaches are very experienced and can teach with fun and excitement.

CEO Michael Gebel shows in 23 micro learnings at www.neukurs.com many practical examples, which parts of your company may need some improvements. He also tells you how to optimize your payment and asset structures with small changes that have big impact. The topics that are explained are profit and loss statement, breakeven analysis, investment appraisal as well as the balance sheet and cash flow.

Get a first insight of our work! Or watch all videos at www.neukurs.com.

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